Jay Himelfarb, creator of "Have Clippers Will Travel, started grooming in the year of 1969. He has worked in many grooming salons, and has seen results and processes that he was dissatisfied with. So, Jay came up with the idea of "Have Clippers Will Travel". This was originated in Florida in 2001. In 2004, He relocated to San Antonio, Texas, and carried "Have Clippers Will Travel" with him. We are an in-home personal pet grooming business. We drive to your location, set up wherever you will allow us (in or about you home) and start the beautification process. We do all kinds of grooms, on all kinds, sizes, and temperaments. 

In home grooming is the best possible way to groom your pet. Why? It allows the pet to remain on its territory (where it more comfortable for them.) If your pet is a little feisty, we have insanely humane muzzles that are almost like wicker baskets that will still allow them to open their mouths and stick out their tonge freely. We don't use tranquilizers unless it is prescribed by your vet BEFOREHAND. We are AGAINST: cage dryers, and neuces! If you've taken your dog to a salon chances are they have these. If your pet was struggling through being groomed while wearing a neuce, and just so happened to fall from the table, would you rather them be in the neuce or break a nail? Cage dryers also... they become extremely hot. We have a four horsepower dryer with a removable nozzle (for less power) that allows us to move freely about your pet in small areas at a time. The temperature of these dryers do not exceed 75 degrees. 

We are also known to clean up what we leave. During and after your pet grooming we will make sure that we vacuum. We make it apoint to get everything up, nails and hair. We will make it cleaner in our area than it was before our mess!

?We are the most humane way to take care of your pet, and anything you want us to do, just ask and we will make sure that its taken care of. If you would like to learn more about us or have any further questions, please contact us here
You may also call  Jay at (210)-722-0909, or his daughter Brittany at (210)-218-5289.

We appreciate you taking the time to check us out and look forward to grooming your pet.