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Its been said that just about everyone of us has some kind of psychic ability
andkfg or do we?

Do you think you might have some kind of psychic abilities or have you experienced real spirits to where you can actually feel their energy?

Did you know the different kind of psychic abilities one might experience?

Here are a few of the different kinds:

Aura Reading:  Being able to see a color around people. Its usually aura in color and is an electromagnetic energy force that formed around us. Some see this energy field as colors some psychics will feel the energy.

Automatic Writing aka Psychograph: is the process, or product, of writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writing is produced from a subconscious and/or spiritual source. The writer is unaware of what will be written.

 is when a separate intelligence enters the mind of the psychic or medium and then communicates messages directly to the audience. The intelligence does not enter the body, but plugs into the mind. The psychic or medium acts as a conduit and may take on certain characteristics belonging to that intelligence.

Channeling is also referred to when healing energy is channeled through a psychic healer. Once again the psychic acts as a conduit, often time pulling the energy up from the Earth through their body and out their hands.

Clairvoyant: someone who has the power of clairvoyance. The ability to see what normally can’t be seen, the future, spirits, etc.

Clairaudience: is the psychic ability to hear things that are the natural sense of hearing. The person may perceive sounds or words from a spiritual realm.

Clairscentient: -means being able to smell aroma beyond physical levels.

Clairgustance: -refers to taste. Some psychics will be able to pick up certain tastes while conducting a reading.

Dreams: Have long been a form of prophecy. All dreams tell the dreamer something of their state of mind in the waking experience, but some dreams can be psychic visions.

Lucid Dreaming: The ability to wake up inside a dream and experience an alternate reality. During this state people have reported experience visitation from deceased love ones as well as other beings or spirits.

Empath: A psychic empath (sometimes called a Sensitive) can feel the feelings of other people, animals and spirits as though the feelings are their own.

Energetic Healing: A psychic ability to clear, repair and balance the body’s energy systems by seeing and manipulating the aura the body’s natural energy field).

Medium: A person who connects and communications with spirits in the after life and/or other entities.

Astral projection aka Out of Body Experience: OBE: A sensation of floating outside of one’s body and, in some cases, seeing one’s physical body from outside oneself. OBE’s are most often initiated through lucid dreaming, astral projection, or a near death experience.

Pet Psychics: The ability to communicating with animals. This ability is used to help check on the animals welfare.

Precognition: Knowledge or awareness of the future, obtained through extra sensory perceptions – ESP.

Psychometry: Psychic sense of touch. A Psychometrist will obtain intuitive impressions and information by holding and connecting with an object or person.

Remote Viewing: projecting your consciousness to a remote location.

Trans-medium: Is a medium whom is usually willing to temporarily allow a spirit to “possess” their body in order to communicate.




We are the “Canyon Lake Dam Paranormal Society” and we groom dogs too. 

dopandparBeing we love dogs might have something to do with how this all got started.

Why  “DAM”?
We are located in Canyon Lake Texas right across from the Dam! Yes, we know , its catchy!

We are also located conveniently between San Antonio Texas and Austin Texas, and are able to travel easily within a normal range of 100 miles to investigate whats bugging you in the night, and sometimes in the day. Yes we will go further distances, but a small fee will apply to cover the expense of fuel to get to you.  There is no charge per say for what we do other than the distance charge, but we happily will accept donations.

Although we are a new, up and coming family team, we utilize the same equipment that you may have seen used by some of the top teams in the country.
We’ve had great results in the past with the simplest of tools. We have previously investigated a few of the more known haunts, such as Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas and Fishing Creek in Pennsylvania, we really look forward to investigate private personal haunts, and will stay on top of it until we have some form of plausible explanation to give you. We basically will try and debunk the problem, but that which cannot be debunked will fall into the category of a reasonable and logical explanation of a probable haunting. We also warn those who may try and do it yourself to be careful as there is a definite difference between that which is spiritual and that which is Demonic.

Feel free to inquire about your circumstances by using our contact form.

We are also looking to bring on board the following people who may be looking to expand their horizons in this field. If you have ability in the following, Parapsychology, Computer setup or any technical ability in this field, or have a desire to investigate with the team, then please also contact us here. 

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