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Category Archives: Investigations

Our goal is not for any profit, but rather to be available for those of you who may be having a problem which is unexplainable, and which may possibly be making your lives uncomfortable. We will never ask for a fee for what we do. Our belief is that the word of God says that we are given the same power to repel evil, if we believe, and we will use that belief to expel any problems that are part of your household. We will for, for that matter only accept any monetary donations that you may be willing to give if we are successful in our efforts to either:

1. Establish that there is a problem other than a worldly one.
2. Show whether or not it is spiritual, or demonic.
3. Successfully alleviate the problem from your lives.

We are also here to investigate any establishment or property that is concerned that the existence of something beyond human understanding is in your estimation a serious concern.

Contact us at the above e-mail for anything that you might need concerning the possibility of an occurrences of any spiritual or demonic manifestation. We are here to help!

We are planning to kick start some investigations in the next month or two. If you have any experience, or are looking to break into this field. Please write and let us know. I need someone with computer skills, also someone who has parapsychological background. If you have any knowledge of the equipment that is used. If you are sensitive in any way ie: a medium.  Please let us know. This is no guarantee of any pay. If an investigation is one which in Fact is a paid one, we will compensate a percentage based on the amount paid. We are a new group, and as we grow, so shall you!hh