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What are the charges for your services?

We do not charge for our services. We feel that we are helping in one way or another to solve problems that are most times spiritual, and so we feel it is right to do this as a service to help those in need. If a person is compelled to make a donation, they will always be accepted to help us update our equipment, etc.

How do you conduct your investigation and methods used to discern what the problem may be, or what is haunting a property or even a person?

If you watch any of the shows on TV, you may know by now that there are many different ways to conduct these investigations. We use one tried and true method to help in solving your problem. What maybe manifesting your personal space in one way or the other can be one of only a few reasons. It can be spiritual, which is a soul that is trapped in between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and they are in a purgatory of sorts. It is the right thing to want to take them over to the other side to complete the journey. That is what we try to do. We will use the word of God in so doing, and text by Derrick Prince, which is part of the book he wrote called, “They Shall Expel Demons”.
If the problem is Demonic, i.e.: shadow people, or poltergeist, and other such infestations, then we will do all that we can to determine that in fact the problem is just that, demonic and cautiously approach it in a way conducive with the word of God.

What do you do to find out just what it is?

In our investigation, we will mostly try and debunk what we find. If we are unable to debunk, then we know we have something genuine. The equipment we use is state of the are, including SP7 spirit box, ovilus111, geophone, Mel meters, which are multi functional, sensors, and some computer related material. We also use tried and true methods that are significantly older, such as divining rods, which we get unbelievable results with. We do have many different methods and material that can be used for the investigation purpose. One of the newest and also incredible pieces of equipment is the brand new OVILUS 11, which does so much to help in the investigation.  We also use various recording devices as needed. 

How far will you travel for the investigation?

We are located in in Canyon Lake, which is right in the middle of San Antonio and Austin Texas. We will travel within 150-mile radius of this area under normal circumstances, however, if we are needed to go way beyond those parameters, then we would ask that you would help provide the way to get there. In that case, then we would be willing to travel as far as necessary to help you with your circumstances. Again, we do not ask for a fee to cover what we do during an investigation.

When are these investigations usually held…what circumstances dictating the best results?

Although results has been known to happen during daytime investigations for many of the paranormal group, the best time is in the evening. The later it gets, the more intense. The best result by general opinion is sometime in the neighborhood of 3AM give or take. Mostly the investigation will be in the dark, and we will only be able to see what maybe there with either infrared camera, or night vision. But it does get kind of creepy during these times.

Can you be a part of the investigation in any way?

Yes you may, but be for warned that it maybe a very scary encounter for you. If we see that you are reacting adversely in any way during that time, we will make sure that you are taken safely from the investigation to a safe place. Even the best of the best in this industry have had their souls rattled during these investigations, and had to leave, so this decision is in the beginning, left up to you with this understanding.

Pleases feel free to ask any additional questions by sending us in inquire here.


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