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This next image was provided by a client who has a ranch where they were in the process of burning an old wooden boat. When they took the photo, the image that was recorded in this photo was quite unnerving. The image is, in my estimation, demonic, and the ranch is located on the Devils Backbone, near Fischer Texas. Note that also if you look closely at this photo, there are more than one curious images within the photo to perk ones imagination. This is hopefully on our bucket list in the future.


These next
series of photos that were taken at a cemetery in England with a 35 MM camera. I took these myself, and when I developed them, This was coming out of the grave.

This was not seen, but because there were several, there is no way that they can be debunked.




This was also taken by me in England back in 1996. 35 mm film. The graveyards in England are ancient, and it’s not difficult to imagine that paranormal incidents like this are prevalent there. You will notice the appearance of a white mist in the photo, which again was not visible to the naked eye when taken. Both the series before this, and this photo were taken in broad day light.


This photo was taken when I was visiting family in Georgia. This was not expected, nor were we on an investigation. The next photo was of the same image retreating back up the stairs just seconds later.


This second image is of the same girl retreating back up the staircase.


Next picture is a sample of infra red photography


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