4 years ago
Get involved, expose those who harm innocent animals and make them suffer.

If not for activists from all over the world who put there lives on the line, including Chinese activists, these horrors world not be exposed. They are all heroes that do God's work! 
There are petitions to be signed. Much more work to be done to make the world aware of these ugly events! Go to my website, and see more that needs to be addressed.petitions to be signed. Be a part of the solution, and not a part of the vaste group of people who world be willing to turn a blind eye because it's so hard to watch. It's ok to be ANGRY. It's ok to vent. Do it in a way that works. Get involved any way you can to expose those who would do this to the innocent animals that suffer do needlessly! In Nazi Germany, the people during that holocost said they didn't know.even though the camps were just outside many of the towns. So they were complacent.we cannot afford to be so!