Grooming Tips
6 years ago
6 years ago
How do you keep your dog groomed?

Do you do it youself or go to a groomer

  1. krsmx 

    Sorry for the delay getting back on this. We have been under construction, and I am still learning how to use my own website, lol! I think it is every bit as important for anyone as a pet owner to know at least the basics of grooming and maintaining there pets as home,as well as taking the time for professional grooming. At home, you should have a good wire slicker brush, a comb. Nail clippers, and also styptic powder for those of you brave enough to clip the nails. Also, find a good quality shampoo. One that is PH balanced for a dog. There is a difference! In between professional grooming you should brush your pet regularly to avoid matting. Make sure that the nails are not curling, as they can go into the pads and cause unnecessary pain. Not to mention that it will interfere with posture and in general is very uncomfortable for the dog or cat. We at HCWT will come out to you and do the nails for a reasonable fee. Hope this helps!

    • 12/03/14
      1. angel 

        Me? I have either Jay or Brittany come over.

        • 1/02/15