4 years ago
I know this might be hard to see on my page but…..

This is just to address the issue of animal abuse. Animal abuse is not breed specific! One way or another all breeds and all species will suffer from abuse administered by the ignorant. Whether it's a pit bull or a min pin. Whether it's a bull mastiff or a Boston bull! From a cat to a cavalier. You name it; nothing no breed is safe! Many of the posts on this page are dedicated to helping to educate, expose and stamp out ALL forms of abuse. All this said, I know that many of the posts on this page are hard to see. Many are brutal! But if this is NOT exposed and these petitions are not signed then nothing will be accomplished. You may think. ..why should we be concerned about the goings on in China or other parts of the world. China is a world leader. They are leaders in everything, including the dog and cat meat trade. They taint our foods both pet and people regularly, and yet we still find Chinese products on our shelves. However the greatest of activists are in fact the Chinese people who stand up and risk life and limb to fight against the horrors that come from their country
Africa is known for the cat and dog meat trade, but then add to that the bush meat trade. They will kill endangered species just for the tusks and the horns and even the pads of elephants for chairs! We buy those products here. We also are responsible for many of the hunts! In some countries it is legal to shoot to kill any poacher. It is open season. 
Everything that goes on in this world effects us one way or another. Regarding the dog and cat meat trade, factually it is legal in 44 of our states to eat the meat of our domestic friends. There is so much more to add to this topic, but this is enough for me to state emphatically that in my heart I find it necessary to make this kind of awareness public and to find those among YOU with the intestinal fortitude to be a part of this very necessary and very difficult battle! So I'm asking all of you who have a beating heart with your chests to share these posts as much as you are able. To sign these petitions, to help in any way that you can! If you are able, let me know if you'd be willing to be a part of the world wide March to help end the dog and cat and bush meat trade. There are hundreds of events on that day all over the world, and San Antonio has been asked to join in. I'm unable to do this on my own and need some help and especially from people who may have some influence! I am trying to get the pavilion at the San Antonio Zoo. But I've not received word as of yet about the availability. So I need a back up plan. Anyone who is interested in knowing more please go to 
You will find out in more depth about this event and about the huge scope and reach this amazing organization has. 
There are those of you out there who are even on my friends list. Local rescuers and activists who have every ability to be a part of this, or at least help in done way or another. I'm calling you to the carpet to come forward and lend a hand in making this event a success. If it had any chance to suceed it will be because of efforts from people who are a part of these groups. Those of you that see these posts and are involved in any way at all, to ignore this is just so sad! Every living breathing creature needs an advocate. Because they ALL. ...EVERY breed and species become victims of human ignorance one way or another! As I write this now, somewhere in the world there are dogs and cats being skinned alive, pups! Kittens! Boiled alive! Ancient Chinese remedy to torture slowly to make the blood run into the meat for the sake of virility and vitality! Chinese viagra! But each one of us CAN make a WORLD of difference!