K-9 Connection
6 years ago
6 years ago
Let's Help Our K-9 Friends on my site.

Please feel free to post anything that will help our K-9 friends on my site. We want to reach out to the world, and I welcome all posts concerning the good welfare of both dogs and cats, as well as other animal friends. I also welcome any petitions that help in the process of securing animal rights. petitions concerning Cruelty. Anything at all that maintains the welfare of all domesticated animals world wide. Thank you again for posting here.


Check out this site as it has lots of awarness and information about animal cruelty around the world. Warning! Some of this information is graphic in nature, but must be addressed to put a stop to inhumanities to our best friends. Places like China, Nepal, Indonesia, and Africa, for example use them for food, and use horrific methods of killing which make them suffer horrific and long lasting deaths! This is important, and must be shared to the world to shame those countries and people that do these things to them.