6 years ago
6 years ago
Animal Petitions that need your signtures

*  Success: Dog Saved From Being Euthanized

*  End Unethical Purchase of Animals for Research

*  Demand Justice for Neglected Hippopotamus

*  Stop Mass Elephant Slaughter

*  Stop the Exploitation of Bears for Human Amusement

*  Protect Steller Sea Lions

*  End the World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice

*  Don’t Allow Pony Abuser to Own More Animals

*  Praise High School Students for Saving Endangered Turtles

*  Demand Justice for Abused Pregnant Dog

*  Applaud Removal of Exotic Animals from Mall Zoo

*  Applaud Filmmaker for Exposing Cruel Pig Farm

*  Help Laying Hens Live Better Lives

*  Don’t Keep Wild Animals as Pets

*  Stop the Sale and Purchase of Endangered Cats

*  Success: Dog Slated for Death by Deceased Owner Saved

*  Justice for Peaceful Bear Killed by Wildlife Managers

*  Stop the Capture of Wild Baby Elephants

*  Stop Exploiting Exotic Animals in Weddings

*  Applaud Organization for Saving Abused Elephants


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