4 years ago
Jay's personal pets at home….click here to view more

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  1. tonyberkman 

    Very cute. What's his/her name?

    • 11/18/14
      1. krsmx 

        This is Maggie, one of three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels we have. Plus we have a doberman, named Chloe, a Retriever mix named Jack, and a Pitty named Kira! One big happy family!

        • 12/03/14
        • krsmx 

          From left to right
          DOLLY, MAGGIE, and LILA ROSE
          They are waiting to greet me at the door as I come home.

          • 12/08/14
          • angel 

            This is Chuy, he's a 2 yr old Yorkie who's the baby in our home. He's very lovable and demands attention!

            • 1/01/15