6 years ago
On Behalf of SayNoToDogMeat.Net

Dear Fellow Animal Advocates,

On behalf of Saynotodogmeat.Net, I am writing to invite your
organization to participate in our upcoming Global March For Dogs and
Cats In The Pet Meat Trade, scheduled to take place Saturday April
4th, 2015. We truly hope you will stand with us as there is power in
numbers and networks, and there is no cause more worthy than the
protection of innocent animals in grave danger.

We already have twenty five countries represented with marches and/or
rallies in their cities, some led by prominent animal welfare
organisations, but we need more of you on board to ensure the message
is heard far and wide, loud and clear.*

Our objective is to bring awareness to the global dog and cat meat
trade throughout Asia and across Africa, to unleash justice and shut
the cruelty down. The intention of our global march is to pressure
complicit governments to act, to get pets off the menu, out of harm's
way away from kidnappers, and out of smugglers and restaurant owner's
torture chambers.

Many cat and dog lovers don't realise that this gruesome business
exists, nor that it usually victimises house pets who are stolen and
tortured. I don't use the word torture lightly. Thus we are standing
together on April 4th across the globe to alert governments that more
and more eyes are watching them and that people around the world are
opening their eyes to what is happening to dogs and cats in the pet
meat trade, in these countries. People want it to stop and can demand
it stop with some strategic efforts.
Dogs and cats are our cause and governments can no longer expect
people to just shut their eyes and look the other way. We are marching
for the protection of dogs and cats in the torturous meat trade and we
demand that the pet meat trade be ended! Please help us take a
sky-scraping stand against this nightmare.

Saynotodogmeat.Net has already successfully closed down one dog farm
in Indonesia and rescued dog meat dogs that were destined to be
slaughtered, without paying any money to butchers or dog traders.

We have privately purchased a property in Vietnam that will be
refurbished and turned into our own animal rescue facility for dogs
and cats in imminent danger of being seized by dog and cat meat
traders, where we will house and provide veterinary care for rescued
animals. Adoptable animals will be re-homed locally and
internationally while those who cannot be re-homed will be cared for
indefinitely. Saynotodogmeat.Net has achieved a lot in its first year.

Saynotodogmeat.Net is pleased to announce that Alley Cat Rescue, a
large cat rescue organization in the United States, Animal Defenders
Indonesia and BARC - Bali Dog Adoption And Rehabilitation Centre,
Indonesia, will be marching with us, and we hope you will join us,

We welcome your supporters to represent your organization and display
its name on Global March banners and posters and to wear your t-shirts
and raise donations for you. After all, we are all marching for the
same cause - to END the cruel pet meat trade against humans' best

Currently, we are working on free downloads for leaflets, posters and
banners, which we will make available to everyone who would like to
use them.

We sincerely hope you will accept our invitation to march with us, to
bear witness, to raise awareness and to end the violent, worldwide pet
meat trade. It will be an important day that will be supported by many
people around the globe.

Please feel free to contact us for
further information.

We look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

Michele Brown

*List of countries participating in theSaynotodogmeat.Net Global

United Kingdom
United States
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
China - in negotiation
Thailand - in negotiation
Russia - small rally
Columbia - small rally
Brazil - small rally
Sweden - small rally
Pakistan - small rally
Iran - secret undercover rally

  1. krsmx 

    This says it all…..

    • 1/01/15
      1. angel 

        Amen to that one!

        • 1/02/15