4 years ago


This is an observation.

With so many friends on Facebook, and other public forums, I get so frustrated to see the amount of complacency there is when we post about animal cruelty. It's so easy to send a video of a cutesy little puppy that squirms and squeals with joy when someone holds it in their hands and tickles it, playfully.

Yet at that same moment, there is a puppy just like it somewhere in the world that is about to be dropped into a pot of boiling water, or even skinned alive! It will not squeal with joy! It will not squirm playfully as it is plunged in to that abyss of darkness, but rather it will scream in mortal agony, and gasp for its final breath, and all this at the hands of a part of humanity that most of us would rather shut the door on, and say..."OUT OF SIGHT...OUT OF MIND!"

This is something that I cannot fathom, or understand. Look at your own pet, and ask yourself, WHAT IF!  I am unable to do this. The posts here and on Facebook are necessary so that the world knows that there are subhuman breathing the same air as we do. 

They do these horrific things every minute of every day, and by keeping silent, millions of innocent domestic pets will suffer fates that are so vile and evil, that in our own small space within this world, we cannot even fathom such extremes of evil! Yet, People will just pass the post by looking for that cutesy little post on Facebook, or that unimportant subject about the great RECIPE for shoe fly pie!

I say that as humans we need to be able to look this evil in the face, and for the love of GOD, pass the word, so that more people can do the same, and something can be done to put a stop to this! If anyone ever says that I should not post such things, I say that I don't need friends like that who do not care, nor want to know the truth! You don't have to watch the videos. You don't have to see the photo, which are proof positive of these events, but you CAN sign the petitions, and share the word, so that the whole world can know the truth, and we can shame the various governments around the world that would allow these things to happen. Or just make them unimportant subjects. I want each and everyone of you who see THIS post to become a part of the human race.

That part which is dignified, and willing to be the solution, and who care enough to act, and pick up this CROSS and carry it further in this cause to help these innocent creatures who suffer these horrible fates everyday! We are the solution. Turning that blind eye is part of the problem. This is a choice which by all HUMAN standards is a no brainer, and a must, and to those of you who do not agree, I can only say...Glad I'm NOT you!



  1. dinkrl 

    Although I am one of those people that tend to bypass pictures and videos of this cruelty, I am now thanks to you,aware of these horrific practices around the world. I always thought that rumors of what is on the menu at certain restaurants around the world were just that, rumors. Now I'm aware! This has to stop! It kills me that this goes on in this world. I pray that someday all governments will step up for these beautiful voiceless animals and stop this madness.

    • 1/03/15
      1. krsmx 

        You are so right ! The people who are unable to take a moment to share, or sign are part of the problem. The solution is to take a moment to sign or share these facts, and then when enough people see this is true, and people are angry, they will do something about it. Do nothing, nothing is accomplished!

        • 1/03/15
      2. angel 

        That is really SICK!!
        This is SO very hard to see. I can't believe people would actually do this. I think they should all be lined up and shot!

        • 1/03/15