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5 years ago
5 years ago
Regarding our new in home grooming website

Welcome to "Have Clippers Will Travel" :)
We are a full service  IN HOME grooming company that has been in business since 2001. Started in South Florida, and have been here in Texas since 2005. We do everything at your location, wherever you allow us to set up. Everything is done right where you can see and observe the whole process from start to finish, and the best thing is that your pet will be more at ease, and never in a cage. The very small sacrifice that YOU make as a pet owner is that you supply a towel, and a place to bathe your pet. Everything will be cleaned up meticulously.

So, there are no long waits for your pet to be groomed.
NO CAGES, No unquestionable grooming concerns. No tranquilizers, unless specifically prescribed by your veterinarian. No nooses around the necks of your pet. This will ensure the comfort and safety of your pet.

We are an  A+ member of the BBB . The only reason you as a client will be dissatisfied is if you do not tell us of a concern. This service has been proven fantastic for people that are home bound. Pets that are unable, for any reason to leave the house, whether for health , or other concerns. Older, senior pets, and those of a more aggressive nature. We strive to treat your pet humanely, and with respect, and kindness. 

Please feel free to blog, or comment on this site. We do encourage this, and if you have a special group that is beneficial to the members of the animal kingdom, we welcome your Blog, and discussions, and will be happy to link up with you.

I have a very special place in my heart for the concerns of the Cruel and unnesessary treatment of our animal friends, and welcome ALL concerns about these issues as well.  Let us specifically speak out against animal cruelty and hope to keep this site up and running regularly for the sake of all concerned.

After all ...... 

For petitions, and anything at all that is of concern regarding cruelty issues can be found right here on my site and I say again you are welcome to add to this site with any related issues.   

Regarding our grooming services:

Have Clippers Will travel is a full service company, and we will come directly to you. All appointments will be made Tuesday through Saturday by appointment. Arrival times are in approximation of hour intervals to allow for traffic, and other possibilities that may hinder us from getting to you at a specific time. Such as traffic, or a difficult groom before yours.  

There are only two of us working at this time. Myself, Jay, and my daughter, Brittany. Please call us for appointment times, and allow a few days the first time as we have a very busy schedule, especially around holiday times. However upon that first appointment we will, and do recommend that you schedule in advance for the coming year. That will ensure you a spot, and to not have to wait. Our numbers are

Jay   210-722-0909

Brit   210-218-5289

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