6 years ago
Say No To Dog Meat!

Say No To Dog Meat!

SaYNoToDogMeat respects cultural differences but does not agree with the systematic torture dogs and cats endure for food consumption. How can boiled puppy juice be the new viagra?  Thats just sick!  

Please take the time to visit their website and help STOP the MADNESS! 

The dog and cat meat trade affects countries in South East Asia and Africa. Their mission is make an impact for change – to fight the barbaric cruelty through a process of education, political pressure and practical work – rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of animals.

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  1. angel 

    Thanks so much for the info. Jay, it sure has opened my eyes to what is goes on out there and how we do have to be the voice for these dogs who cannot speak.

    • 1/02/15
      1. krsmx 

        I encourage everyone to get involved and sign the petitions.

        • 1/04/15