4 years ago
Why I love these NuVet Care Products

I have six dogs. They are all on the product. The NuJoint Extra strenght is without any doubt the best product available today to help your older dog have total mobility. Ther are NO steroids!  Our Doberman, Chloe is almost 11 years old. Before the NuJoint, she showed signs that she was losing her mobility, sometimes coming in the house limping. However, I started her on a regime of the NuJoint extra, and she is like a new Dog, able to leap up onto our bed, which is much higher off the floor than most because of an unusually thick mattress, like a two year old. 

The NuVet  is given each dog every night. I have seen much improvement in the overall health. They are all so active, and what is truly amazing is that before we started Chloe on this suppliment, she had a very noticable large fatty tumor on her side. After several weeks of using this product, we noticed a rather significant shrinkage of this tumor. Today, It is gone. I can only attest this to the NuVet, and that other testimonials on the NUVET site have shown similar results , and also with other health issues that dogs are known to have. I recommend New Vet to anyone who truly loves there pet, and wants to do the best by them. Take my word for it. I personally swear by this great product!

Should you have any questions about this product, you can ask me here and I will answer them as best I can.